Azulejos, Tunis
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Anonymous asked: What are your thoughts about Khomeini?

I’m just gonna tell you one thing and that’s how it bothers me when some people refer to him as ‘Imam’.

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Having this pomegranate tree in the backyard makes the season even better.
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by Aladdin Garunov
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Less than 10 days to Muharram. Counting down the days. (at Bibi Ka Alawa Old City)
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Norman Parkinson- Floating With Flowers, Dal Lake, Kashmir, India. British Vogue, 1956. (via)
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Morocco.Fez.Mosaic 1994
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"Coat Tales", Vogue US, September 1997Photographer: Ellen von UnwerthModel: Angela Lindvall
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İş düz gətirməyəndə, halva da dişini sındırır.
On a bad day, even halva will break your tooth.

Azeri proverb.

Meaning: halva is so soft it doesn’t require chewing; when you’re having bad luck, even the simplest tasks require a lot of effort.

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