I took refuge in the world of lines and shapes.

— Sadegh Hedayat

Sat, 30th Aug — 7 notes
A painting I found in the hotel I stayed at in Hamedan, Iran. 
This is fascinating but unfortunately  name of the artist wasn’t mentioned anywhere.
Fri, 29th Aug — 18 notes
Pinched porcelain bowls by woodfirer on Flickr.
Sat, 19th Jul — 0 notes

Sun, 6th Jul — 3,138 notes
Handmade tiles
Sat, 5th Jul — 19 notes
Vincent Abadie Hafez  aka Zepha-‘L’essentiel’
Fri, 20th Jun — 14 notes
Old medical illustration. Eye anatomy. 1899.
Tue, 17th Jun — 5 notes
calligraphy experiments by mil3n on Flickr.
Mon, 16th Jun — 3 notes
Untitled By Golnaz Fathi
Tue, 10th Jun — 2 notes
Nja Mahdaoui with the first prototype of his most recent sculpture. Photography by René Habermacher
Sun, 8th Jun — 2 notes
Nja Mahdaoui, “Graphemes on Arches 2”, 2009, Ink on arches paper; 135cm x 135cm.
Sun, 8th Jun — 4 notes
Calligraphy by Faramarz Pilaram
Sun, 8th Jun — 1 note
Eclipse by Manuel Alvarez Bravo
printed 1930 Gelatin silver print Image: 18.1 × 23 cm
Wed, 4th Jun — 18 notes
Farsi calligraphy done by one of my favorite calligraphy artists, Mohammed Ehsai 
The word in Farsi is pronounced as Mohabbat (محبت) which means Compassion.
Medium: oil and glitter on canvas
Tue, 3rd Jun — 28 notes