"Museums" / Bijan Sayfouri
Sun, 30th Mar — 6 notes
"My Trilogy" / Bijan Sayfouri
Sun, 30th Mar — 3 notes
"Crossing the Line, FIAF Fall Festival "
Design: Philippe Apeloig
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Thu, 12th Dec — 6 notes
50 KINA LUNA by Krzysztof Iwanski
Sun, 24th Nov — 9 notes
Massive Change - Bruce Mau
Wed, 20th Nov — 1 note
The Birds poster by ahlmkim02 on deviantART
Fri, 8th Nov — 1 note
Festival de San Sebastian
Tue, 22nd Oct — 2 notes
Thu, 19th Sep — 2 notes
Graphic Design daily selection » Blog Archive » Rencontre Les rendez-vous graphiques : Vier5
Tue, 10th Sep — 2 notes

Mon, 26th Aug — 8 notes
The Old House | Cover Design: Kourosh Beigpour by Kourosh Beigpour on Flickr.
Sat, 24th Aug — 2 notes
"Existence— well, what does it matter?
I’ve existed for the best use i can
The past is now part of my future
The present is well out of hand.”
—Ian Curtis
Mon, 19th Aug — 32 notes
Beautiful Persian calligraphy By Nasrollah Afjei
Acrylic on Canvas 47,2 x 27,6 in.
Wed, 14th Aug — 8 notes